SN Writer Tool Full Explanation Solve Invalid IMEI Problem Permanently :

SN Writer Tool Full Explanation Solve Invalid IMEI Problem Permanently

 Full explanation of SN Writer tool to solve Invalid IMEI problem permanently

In this tutorial, we will explain the full SN Writer tool to solve the Invalid IMEI problem permanently and we will show you how to change or repair / write the IMEI of any Android phone running MediaTek processors, and in fact we will do that with a program called SN Writer tool. Don't worry because it is very easy to do so just follow the steps below and we will respond to any potential problems.

Before I start, explain the problem of invalid imei that appears after installing the ROM files on your device through Smart Phone Flash Tool or other programs such as RSD Lite Tool, Realme Flash Tool, Xiaomi MI Flash Tool and other different Android ROM flashing programs, or after formatting or other reasons. Unknown to me, today, God willing, come, we will explain a solution to the problem of invalid imei.

  • The first step: Download the program through the following link on your computer.
  • The second step: Unzip the program you downloaded.
  • Third steps: Open Writer.exe from the folder that you have decompressed.
  • Step Four: After opening the program, it will appear to you like this.

  • Fifth step: In the ComPort field, choose USB VCOM, and in the Target Type field, choose Smart Phone
  • Step Six: Click on System Config.
  • Seventh step: As soon as System Config is running, the screen in the image below will appear. Mark the three options of IMEI, BT Address and Wifi Address.

  • The eighth step: If your phone has two SIM cards, choose Dual IMEI. If it's a single SIM, don't choose any other options.
  • The ninth step: Below pure, in a field called Database File, there is a place for the two files “MD1_DB” and “AP_DB” (the two files will be present in the ROM file that you made, flash on your mobile and search means installation).
  • The tenth step: Click on the Save icon at the bottom.
  •   The eleventh step: Click on the Start icon.
  • The twelfth step: A Scan Data window will appear for you, type the following information IMEI_1 and IMEI_2, Bluetooth Address, Wifi Address and press OK (this information can be answered from the back of the device or from the box).

  • The thirteenth step: Now you connect the phone with a USB cable to the computer and turn off the phone.
  • The fourteenth step: Once the IMEI repair process is completed, a pass message will appear. Congratulations, you have fixed the IMEI problem on your phone.

Very important notes

  • The process of repairing IMEI IMEI through the SN Writer tool is a process that may contain problems, so you are solely responsible for what you do and we have no responsibility.
  • Our site does not force anyone to change the IMEI of your device, but we explain to you how to restore it again, so if you change your IMEI to any new number, we are not responsible for any of that.

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