Explanation of installing and flashing ROMs through "SP Flash Tool" program :

Explanation of installing and flashing ROMs through "SP Flash Tool" program

 Download and explain the Smart Phone Flash Tool The Smart Phone Flash Tool program is classified as one of the best flashing and software installation programs for Android phones. In addition to a set of distinct, multiple, and free tools. Followers of the East Android portal, welcome. We offer you a comprehensive explanation of the Smart Phone Flash Tool (SP-Flash-Tool) program to flash devices that carry the MTK processor.

The explanation will be comprehensive on how to use the Smart Phone Flash Tool to install Android ROMs on all devices with MTK processors.

What is the SP Flash Tool program?

Smart Flash Tool SP Flash Tool is a combination of flashing ROMs and updating your Android phone to the latest version in case you do not receive any Android air updates. You can also through the SP Flash Tool program make a backup copy of the software for your device. software for your mobile phone,

What are the features of SP Flash Tool to flash MTK processor?

  • Free and fast program
  • Flash the mobile easily
  • The program interface is simple
  • Anyone who is not a professional can use the program
  • Take a backup copy of the software
  • phone memory test
  • RAM memory test

Explain Smart Phone Flash Tool to install ROMs

Step 1: Download the USB drivers for your phone to your computer. if they are already installed. Skip this step.

Step 2: Turn off your Android phone and remove the battery (if it is removable).

  • Step 3: Download the official ROM for your device through the company's website or through the official Android ROM section of our website.

  • Step 5: Open Flash_tool.exe to run the program.

  • Step 6: Once the program is launched, switch between the tabs to the Download tab.

  • Step 7: In the download field, choose scatter-loading.

  • Step 8: Go to the folder in which you have decompressed the ROM file and select the Scatter file.

  • Step 9: Now click on the Download icon as shown in the image.

  • If the flash file is not passed, you should choose 【Firmware Upgrade】

  • Step 10: After pressing Download, we go to the phone. We enter the device in download mode
  • A device in Download mode, turn off the device, then press the volume down button, then connect a device with a USB cable

  • Step 11: Now disconnect your phone from the computer and turn on the phone. The device will boot in the first time, about three minutes or more.

Very important notes:

[*] Flashing ROMs with Smart Phone Flash Tool is usually for devices with MediaTek processors, so the ROM file that you have if it does not contain a Scatter file will not work for you.

[*] In some cases, after flashing the official ROM for your phone, you may find a problem that there is no network in the device, as a result of an error in flashing imei, you can solve this problem by using a full explanation of SN Writer tool to solve the Invalid IMEI problem permanently.

[*] Backup: Flashing the ROM using the Smart Phone Flash Tool program, leads to formatting any data and files on your phone, so please take a backup copy of your phone data.

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