Download Muslim ODIN V3.0 Tool Full Free Without Password :

Download Muslim ODIN V3.0 Tool Full Free Without Password

Muslim Odin V3 is important for all Android developers and technicians.

This Odin was developed and designed by brother Ali Hassani, and it is free and better than the rest of the versions. It is easier to use and use. These are some of the general features. Here are the rest of the great tasks.

What are the advantages of free Islamic Odin?

  1. The magic solution is to flash the file in zip and rar format, and to modify and split the flash.
  2. Convert the flash to an official ROM in tar format. md5 without the need to name it with tar only when making a software.
  3. A version capable of making adb and pit files from ROMs for almost all Samsung phones, which supports this feature when flashing.
  4. The program supports entering and exiting the download mode for Samsung Galaxy phones, regardless of the Android version.
  5. In the Muslim Odin 2 program, a browser opening was added to bypass the Google account frp bypass for all phones such as Oppo - Huawei - Samsung - Infinix - ZTE - LG and others.
  6. Supports formatting for several phones if they are working, but without a password, and if the button is disabled, you will benefit from this feature and the explanation in the video, of course.
  7. An exclusive feature that has been added is that if you choose the BL file, it selects the other sections alone and puts them in order for you to shorten the time.
  8. If you make copies of a part of the quad-flash, you can press the red button and it will put it for you and the flashes that came with it.
  9. Attached is all the PIT and ADB and some attachments to remove google protection are attached in the definitions are attached to solve all problems and identify Samsung phones in a proper way in Windows 10 and others. It is known that the problem of drivers occurs due to the integration of several unofficial drivers from several programs, so the latest package has been added from the official Samsung website.
  10. Most of the tools to activate the developer mode have been added and the letter S is to copy the flash to another place in order to add again the modified flash ready or any file you like in the muslim odin program.

With all of the above, Islamic Odin is a completely free tool and has exclusive features that you will not find in any application, and we will not be able in these minutes to take note of all the features and features of Islamic Odin, but watch the following clip to find out.

Details of the direct download link for the Islamic Odin 3 for free

Name: Free Islamic Odin Program Latest Version Muslim odin v.3
Size: 172.94 MB
Upload site: direct link on Mediafire
decompress password: RETEX 

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