Bypass Untethered iPhone 6s iCloud Activation Via F3arRa1n Tool :

Bypass Untethered iPhone 6s iCloud Activation Via F3arRa1n Tool

Apple has a security feature (iCloud) in its iOS, is one of the tightest security systems, After restoring your iPhone 6s to factory settings, the iOS asks you to enter the last Icloud used in the iPhone 6s before performing the restore to verify the identity of the real owner of the iPhone 6s device. This feature is important and is intended to avoid misuse of the iPhone 6s device during thefts. But at the same time, some users have got into trouble because of it, when they have forgotten their iCloud credentials after hard reset iPhone 6s. So, in this tutorial, we have brought the latest method to Bypass Untethered iPhone 6s iCloud Activation Via F3arRa1n tool easily by following some simple steps.

iCloud Bypass Tool:

How to Bypass iCloud lock iPhone 6s

First, you need to Jailbreak your iPhone 6s Via Rufus.
Open the Rufus tool and connect your iPhone 6s to your computer.
Insert a USB device +1 GB then click on SELECT.

Find the checkn1x-1.1.6 then click Open.

Choose GPT & NTFS then click on START.

All data on the USB will be destroyed, click OK to Continue.

Wait until making the Chekra1n jailbreak USB flash drive finish.

Congratulations, the jailbreak U disk has been made successfully, click Close.

Restart your computer & boot it via USB Drive
Boot option Keys
Acer: ESC, F12, F9
Asus: ESC, F8
Lenovo: F12, FN + F12.
Samsung: ESC
Toshiba: F12

Click on ALT+F2 then connect your iPhone 6s to the computer.

If you get that your iPhone 6s Not supported click on OPTIONS.

Check Allow untested iOS/iPADOS/TVOS versions then click on back.

Your iPhone 6s connected to normal mode then click on NEXT.

Entering your iPhone 6s to recovery mode
Click Start
Press and hold the side and volume buttons together
Release the side button but keep holding the volume down button
Your iPhone 6s device is now in recovery mode
Wait until installing the jailbreak then click on Done.

Reboot your Computer then Run the F3arRa1n V4.2.0 tool
Connect your iPhone 6s to your Computer.
Login in with your F3arRa1n account
if you don’t have an account just Register


Click on Check Compatibility Activate/process in one-click

Choose SIMless Method by clicking on YES.

Click on YES Again.

Wait about 8 min until bypass iPhone 6s iCloud Complete

Activated Success.

Done Bypass Untethered iPhone 6s iCloud Activation Via F3arRa1n tool.

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